Legendary Trainers
Name: Legendary Trainers
Age: 13(Axle)




Gender: Male
Region: Calabarzon
Class: Trainer

Legendary Trainer is a trainer class given to whoever possess the Legendary Aura. They do a certain job in the story. Their Aura is based on their personality. 

Legendary TrainersEdit

To date there are four:

  • Axle Magdasoc is a rank 1 Legendary Trainer ,once defeated he will give the player a Master Ball to capture Kendra. He's main Pokemon is a highly-advanced Charizard, because of his Legendary Aura, "Trust".
  • Legenn Quilz is a rank 2 Legendary Trainer, once defeated he will open the Creation Chamber in the underground passage. He's main Pokemon is Cobalion. His Legendary Aura is "Brains".
  • Julius Ceazern is a rank 3 Legendary Trainer, once defeated he will guide the player to Euniland, Konoha, and Dire Island to earn 3 of the 4 items to awaken Bolelengs Quartet(the other one will be given by a 1D Grunt). His main Pokemon are Accelgor and Escavalier. His Legendary Aura is "Justice".
  • Pseudo Ligz is a rank 4 Legendary Trainer, once defeated he will open the 4 caves of the Bolelengs Quartet). His main Pokemon is Tyranitar. His Legendary Aura is "Power".


  • All of the Legendary trainer's surname excluding Axle have the letter Z.

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