Pag-asa Town is the hometown of the player, and some notable characters. It is located below Marine City, and above Strumslurp Island. 

Trainer of the CityEdit

Professor GeliEdit

Get starter from Professor Geli to start a journey.

Calabarzon Starters
Bulbasaur Chikorita Treecko Turtwig Snivy Pikachu
Charmander Cyndaquil Torchic Chimchar Tepig Eevee
Squirtle Totodile Mudkip Piplup Oshawott Murkrow



Hips is the rival in Alpha. He becomes a lab assistant in Omega.


Junel is the rival in Omega.

Special PokemonEdit


Oslo, the Attack dog can be captured in Blizzard Cave near Pag-asa Town(Route 1).


See Professor Geli

HM neededEdit


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