Rosemarie Bello
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Name: Rosemarie Bello
Age: 13
Gender: Female
Hometown:  ???
Region: Calabarzon
Class: Trainer

Nurse Rosemarie Bello (The original is called Nurse Rosemarie while the clones are called Nurse Roma from her old childhood nickname) is the local nurse in every town in Calabarzon. She doesnt have siblings but she has a cloning machine thats why theres so many Nurse Roma's. She lets Officer Marielle Calzado borrow her cloning machine. The difference between her and her clones are their hats, The original Roma has a red cross on her hat while every oter Nurses have different color schemes of crosses. She also used the cloning machine to her Pokemon so every nurse has the same Pokemon.


City Color of Cross on Hat
Original Red
Marine Orange
Shelltron Yellow
Wreath Green
Josdon Purple
Stilsa Blue
Titanium White
Sonic Gold
NoName Silver
Strumslurp Black
Pokemon League/Battle Frontier Pink


  • Happiny
  • Chansey
  • Blissey
  • Audino


  • Nurse Roma, and Officer Marielle are not named 'til Omega